Our Deacons

Our deacons are members who have been called to the ministry of compassion, witness and service for a three year term by the church officer nominating committee and elected by the congregation. They serve under the supervision of the session, specifically the Congregational Care committee. Our deacons specialize in serving members and friends of the church who are sick, infirm, lonely, or going through life transitions. The deacons are assigned to alphabetic segments of the membership. In this way, every member has a deacon that they may contact for prayer and other support. We encourage you if you are in need of support or care to please contact your deacon.

To contact the deacons please email us.

Deacon Congregational Support

Deacon Name: Last Name Range
Beth Huber A-B
Carrie Szlyk C-D
Dell Hall E-Gi
Emily Humes Gj-Hi
Kim Fischer Hj-J
Trina Parsons K-L
Kathryn Hower M
Paull Loder N-Q
Karen Johnson Ra-Sc
Debbie Eckel Se-Th
Betty Ellettl To – Z

Congregational Care Elders — Susie Kuliasha, Sarah Wright, Tom Wimberly