Our Session

The Session is the governing body of the congregation. It is made up of the elders that have been elected by the congregation and serve as chairs of various committee (found at the bottom of the page.) Each elder has an equal vote in the Session. Although the Minister serves as moderator, the Session is actually lead by the elected Clerk of Session. The term “session” comes from the Latin word sessiosedere meaning “to sit”.

2016-2017 Session

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Donna Hughes
Susie Kuliasha
Karen Boyles
Tom Wimberly
Sarah Wright
McCray Fidler
John Conway
Vanessa Huffman
Ralph Lewis
Ashley Raska
Jen Rowe
Jeremy Vaughn
Matt Bohmke
Piper Foresman
James Luckett
Sammy Merrill
Diane Peterson
Joel Young


Moderator — Rev. Allen H. Fisher, Jr.
Clerk of Session —Patty Toler


Appointees James Luckett  luckette@juno.com Jeremy Vaughn jeremyrvaughn@gmail.com
  • Maintaining church database
  • Coordinating production of pictorial directory
  • Supporting church administration staff in all areas of administration
  • Creating and maintaining website
  • Computers

Building and Grounds

Appointees Matt Bohmke mbohmke4@gmail.com Piper Foresman jps.piper@gmail.com John Conway  jconway@walkglobal.com
  • Maintenance and stewardship of all of church buildings
  • Coordination and oversight of church renovation projects
  • Maintenance and stewardhip of church grounds
  • Oversight of acquisitions

Christian Education

Appointees Jen Rowe jenrowe@cox.net Diane Peterson dianeelizab@gmail.com McCray Fidler mccray@fidlernet.com
  • Planning and staffing Sunday school and VBS
  • Planning Wednesday night dinners and accompanying studies that follow
  • Oversight of youth group activities and confirmation classes and establishing opportunities for youth/adult fellowship and nurturing through Covenant Partners
  • Small Group Task Force

Congregational Care

Appointees Sarah Wright jacandem@cox.net Susie Kuliasha kulishajs@veriozon.net Tom Wimberly twimberl@gmail.com
  • Ministering to the ill in our congregation through hospital and nursing home visitation
  • Reaching out to the shut-ins of our congregation through visits, phone calls, and other communications
  • Serving the grieving by helping to plan funerals and receptions
  • Providing support for caregivers in our congregation
  • Providing care to members of the congregation who are hurting


Appointees Susie Kuliasha kulishajs@veriozon.net Jeremy Vaughn jeremyrvaughn@gmail.com Ashley Raska ashley.raska@gmail.com
  • “Marketing” and communicating with non-members
  • Facilitating new member classes with staff
  • Reaching out to UMC (van driving, support of Campus Christian Community)
  • Integrating and nurturing new members
  • Engaging inquirers and seekers and new Christians with educational and worship activities

Fellowship and Group Ministries Committee

Appointees Sarah Wright jacandem@cox.net Matt Bohmke mbohmke4@gmail.com Brittany Harvey harveybg@gmail.com
  • Identify groups in the church that might benefit from targeted fellowship opportunities
  • Plan and organize three or four special events during the yea
  • Coordinate the congregational picnic
  • Planning Mother’s Day and Father’s Day recognition
  • Provide for “Lemonade on the Lawn” between Sunday services during the summer


Appointees Ralph Lewis ral.lewis@yahoo.com Joel Young joelwyoung@aol.com
  • Dispersing financial support to local, national, and world mission agencies
  • Overseeing the Good Samaritan assistance program
  • Developing and promoting the mission education program of the church
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for hands-on mission experience
  • Establishing and maintaining ecumenical relations

Personnel and Volunteers

Appointees Tom Wimberly twimberl@gmail.com John Conway jconway@walkglobal.com James Luckett  luckette@juno.com Ashley Raska ashley.raska@gmail.com

  • Aiding in staff recruitment and development
  • Assessing performance of personnel
  • Tracking membership
  • Coordinating volunteers


Appointees Steve Davis  sjdavis50@gmail.com Vanessa Huffman vkhuffman@gmail.com
  • Encouraging and fostering stewardship through establishment of annual pledges and periodic capital campaigns
  • Establishing and maintaining budget
  • Overseeing endowments
  • Overseeing bookkeeping


Appointees Brittany Harvey harveybg@gmail.com Donna Hughes djhughes624@gmail.com Sammy Merrill smerrill@umw.edu
  • Coordinating work and staffing of Sanctuary Guild, ushers, greeters, and lay readers
  • Coordinating work and staffing nursery and child-care
  • Coordinating creation and display of church banners
  • Scheduling of Communion and Elders to serve
  • Preparing sanctuary for special services (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve)-decorating, purchasing poinsettias, scheduling Advent lighters and readers)
  • Coordinating volunteers to operate chair lift
  • Overseeing music programs and ministries