Camp hanover program meeting

Any child, youth, or adult who has attended or had a family member attend a camp/retreat at Camp
Hanover recently or many years ago –is invited to a meeting on Sunday, March 7, at 6:30 p.m. in the
Middle House. Bruce Harvey serves on a task force that is reviewing the current program at Camp
Hanover and will make recommendations about the future direction of programming. Your input
is important as we discuss some of the following questions:
Why do you/your children choose Camp Hanover? Other camps? Does Camp Hanover’s focus
on small group camping model influence your decision to attend? (To children &
Youth) Why do you come to Camp Hanover? And What kind of programs would get you
excited to come to CH? (To adults) What would bring you to Camp Hanover? And In order
for Camp Hanover to achieve its stated outcomes, what elements/ingredients must be present
and at work? If you could change or add anything to Camp Hanover, what would it be?