Church School begins September 11

All members and visitors are invited to Church School breakfast on Sunday, September 11 at 9:30am., to begin Church School.  Adults and Children will meet in the Fellowship Hall and our youth (6th-12th graders) will meet in the Church House for breakfast.  Members are asked to bring food to share – singles/couples one dish and families of 3 or more two dishes.  Beverages and eating supplies will be provided.  Following breakfast, children and youth will be dismissed to their classes while adults will remain in the Fellowship Hall to hear about the new classes.

Our Kindergarten through 5th grade and our Senior High class will use a new curriculum this year: Feasting on the Word.  It is based on the lectionary readings we use in worship each week, and it is an online curriculum.  Our      6th-8th graders will do a church history survey course.

The adults will choose from one of the following 7 classes:  The Myth of Self-Esteem, a book written by the Rev Terry Diebold and will be taught by her.  Christian Art will look at art through church history and will be led by David Johnson, Jen Rowe and Debe Garrison.  Home Grown- Handbook for Christian     Parenting class will use the book with the same name and will be taught by Carol Houchin, Karl & Roberta Karch, Pete & Jane Kolakowski and Betty & Sammy Merrill.    The Faith & Movie class will continue and will be led by Betsy Mathias, Tom Edwards, Claudia Emerson and Mike Fariss.  Feasting on the Word will be the adult study based on the lectionary and will be led by Michelle   Porter, Tom Lewis, Rick Brehm and Bruce Harvey.  Leif Johnston will lead a class on Challenging Thought looking at some of the theological writings of Bonhoeffer, Karl Barth, Luther, and others.  Bill Nix will teach a class on the Twelve Disciples.