Committee forming for Planning 2012 Civil War Remembrance

Civil War Remembrance

March 24, 2012

The Churches Remember, an all day program hosted by area churches (Shiloh Old Site, St George’s Episcopal, Fredericksburg Methodist, St Mary’s Catholic, Shiloh New Site, Fredericksburg Baptist and our church) is coming to Fredericksburg.  People will visit the different churches throughout the day on March 24.  The program will highlight and share the way the Civil War impacted our churches and community, and the way the churches dealt with the war.  John Hennessy from the Park Service said that he has not seen any other program about the Civil Warlike this in all the remembrances going on around the country.  Our church will develop our presentation that we want to share with the community.  If you would like to help create our voice, please contact Bruce Harvey or Lynda Baer