Ministry opportunity for Medical Professionals at Camp Hanover.

Every week that camp is up and running during the summer, we have a medical professional on staff to dispense medications and treat any injuries or ailments that come up.  That person stays at camp 24/7 for the week, so that there is always coverage.  The accommodations are the best camp has to offer- medical professionals stay in a cabin with electricity and their own private bathroom.  Children and spouses are welcome.  All meals are provided.  Medical professionals and their families are encouraged to engage in the day-to-day activities that groups do around camp (hiking, the mud slide, swimming in 2 pools, canoeing on the lake, playing in the field, etc), so it is really a lot of fun!  You can sign up for this position for one or two week increments.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, or if you have any questions, please contact Bob Pryor,  If you know any other doctors or nurses who might be interested, would you please pass this information on to them?  Camp is having a difficult time filling these spots this summer, and any help you might offer is much appreciated!  For more information, visit