Adult Classes

Adult Faith Formation Classes for Fall 2021

Along with Sunday LIFT, three adult classes will be offered via Zoom this fall. We invite you to share in your faith journey with other members and friends of the congregation in one or more of these additional adult education opportunities. The Zoom links will be provided in the Wednesday congregation-wide email.

From a Chosen People to the Body of Christ – Since the creation, beginning with Adam and Eve, God has been relentless in pursuing a personal relationship with each and every human being, based upon a love so deep and wide, it is beyond our ability to comprehend.  This class will explore that relentless pursuit through study of covenants made by God with His Chosen People – the Jews- how Jesus Christ fulfilled those promises, and how after Jesus’ resurrection, Paul – the apostle to the Gentiles – preaches and teaches about the Body of Christ.  What (or who) is the Body of Christ?  Can we build a stronger Body?  What does it mean to be part of the Body of Christ?  Using the Bible as our text, we will dig into what the scriptures teach about these topics.

  • Led by Dorothy Mondak
  • Every other Sunday at 1:00pm
  • Begins on September 26

Faith & Movies – Do you like to watch movies–both old favorites and unfamiliar titles? If you like to discuss the stories and themes in movies, and relate them to our sacred stories and faith, this class is for you. Class participants choose a movie for everyone to watch during the week and then lead the discussion in class.

  • Coordinators: Marty and Vicky Wilder (
  • 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month at 5:00pm
  • Begins on September 26

Book GroupInspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans – If the Bible isn’t a science book or an instruction manual, then what is it? What do people mean when they say the Bible is inspired? Evans examines some of our favorite Bible stories and possible interpretations, retelling them through memoir, original poetry, short stories, soliloquies, and even a short screenplay. Undaunted by the Bible’s most difficult passages, Evans wrestles through the process of doubting, imagining, and debating Scripture’s mysteries. The Bible, she discovers, is not a static work but is a living, breathing, captivating, and confounding book that is able to equip us to join God’s loving and redemptive work in the world. Click here to order you book from Amazon: Inspired

  • Led by Jen Rowe (
  • Tuesdays at 7:00pm
  • Begins on September 21 (discussion on the Introduction – pp. xi-xxiv)