Daily Prayers

Want to pray more but unsure where to start? Here are prayers for each day that you can pray as they are or use as a jumping off point for your own words.

Monday: A prayer for patience

God, I begin this new day and this new week seeking your help. When I lack energy, give me your spirit. When I lack discipline, give me your love. When I lack time, give me your patience. I have much to do, God. Smile on my tasks. (name some things on your mind that you have to get done). Help me to please all those I need to please…or at least help them be patient with me. Let the patience and forgiveness I receive from others equal the patience I extend to them. The world around me seems to be spinning out of control. I am worried about _______ (think of people and places you are worried about or from the news). Be with us Lord. I go through this life as best I can and sometimes this it’s just barely enough. Other times I fall seriously short of the mark. Walk with me. Make me aware of your presence this week. I will give you the glory. Amen

Tuesday: A prayer for Faithfulness

I will not question you, God. I will go where you send me. I will deal with all that comes my way. I will open my heart to you and believe that all things will work out for my good because I love you. I will listen to the Scriptures. I will learn from them. I will pray and know I am heard. You, Lord, are not my destination on this journey. Because you are beside me while I walk , you Lord, are the journey itself. I am a servant of the Creator of the universe. I will not be bogged down by (name things that are keeping you from focusing on your work for God.) God will lift my spirit, I will not be dragged into the much and mire. I am a servant of God. Amen

Wednesday: A prayer for kindness

God, there are times when I just want to throw someone through a wall. And the week is barely half over! Help me be kind to those who aren’t. Help me be kind to my family and friends who must live with me. Help me to be kind to those who try the patience I prayed for on Monday. I’m feeling overwhelmed God. Stand beside me, let me feel your presence. (Take a moment to sit in silence. Breathe deeply, Calm yourself) Stay with me God. Get me through this crazy week. Help me deal with these crazy people. Fill my soul. Amen

Thursday: A prayer for peace

I am your servant God. When there is chaos around me, help me stay centered. When those around me argue and fight, let me be your peacemaker. Show me what’s important. Help me keep an open mind. Help me soothe the anger of others. Help me remember what is truly important. Help me resolve the conflicts in my life. (Name aloud the chaotic situations and people with whom you are struggling; include yourself and the tough decisions you face) Stay with me God. Enter into the hearts of all those with whom I cannot find common ground. Fill their hearts and fill mine. Let us stop fussing and find peace. I am your servant, God. Amen

Friday: A Prayer for Self-Control

God, I don’t always live the way I should. I tell the world about being honest and true and pure. Then sometimes they look at me and run.  When I said I’d be your servant, I thought it would be easier.  I thought you’d take away all my problems and temptations.  I thought I could be the kind of person I tell others they should be.  It doesn’t always work that way, God. I see others having a wonderful time, and I miss being part of that.  I see something shiny off to the side of the path and I go wandering after it without a thought.  (think of some temptations in your life; things that distract your m ind from God’s will for you.) Keep my head on right, God.  Keep my eyes  focused on Jesus.  Keep my feet on the path.  Keep my heart desiring what is good.  Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.  Help me know the difference.  And when I already know the difference help me make the right choice anyway.  Amen

Saturday: A Prayer of Joy

God, there is something about Saturday I love.  With childlike innocence I love this day.  Even if I’m working.  Even if I’m stuck doing something I’d rather not do.  I love this day.  My body and mind may have ideas for my time but my heart wants to watch cartoons and eat sugarcoated cereal with ice-cold milk.  Thank you for all the wonderful things I never think to thank you for.  Thank you for children. Thank you for cartoons.  Thank you for granulated sugar, cereal, and ice-cold milk.  Thank you for _______ (name aloud other little things for which you seldom thank God.)  God, waking up on a Saturday morning is like waking up to a warm hug.  If I sweat this day in my backyard, I will thank you for the rain.  If I strain through this day shoveling snow, I will thank you for sunshine.  My days on this earth are few compared to the eternity I want to spend with you, God.  May heaven be one big, long Saturday. Amen

Sunday: A Prayer of Love

This is your day, God.  I will use it to honor you. I will stand here and inhale your air.  I will feel the sunlight on my face.  I will sing your songs.   I will praise your name.  I will remember you in all things, God.  When the sun goes down today, I will remember you.  I will thank you for the gift of living another week.  (And thank you for getting me through the last one).  Thank you for my family and my friends.  Thank you for your patience. Thank you for the faith you put in me even when I let you down.  Thank you for your kindness.  Thank you for your peace that’s beyond my understanding.  Thank you for your self-control.  Thank you for the joy you’ve given me.  Thank you for your love, God.  I am your servant. Amen.