Supper List

Dear Parents & Members:

You provide a valuable service to our church by preparing and serving supper for students and youth advisors as part of our Sunday Evening Youth Fellowship.  We offer our thanks in advance for your service.

Each youth is asked to pay $3 for the meal to cover your cost.  However, if this is not enough to reimburse you for the meal, please let us know.  If you choose, you may donate the money to the youth program, which is always appreciated.  While we try not to deviate from the schedule, it can change.  If dinner is cancelled or only one group is going to be present on your date, you will be notified well in advance.

A reminder postcard will be sent from the church office the week before your assigned Sunday.  Youth Supper teams are listed below.  The first person(s) listed is responsible to contact the others to plan the supper.  If you cannot prepare the supper on your assigned date, please switch with someone else on the list as soon as possible and be sure to notify the church office of the change.

We have the privilege of welcoming our friends from Humankind as guests for supper. When both middle and high school fellowship groups are present, along with their advisors and adults from Humankind, we estimate the total number present for supper to be approximately 40 persons, unless otherwise indicated.

Supper is served at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  You may prepare the food at home or in the kitchen. Again, thanks you for all you do to support the youth of our church – we couldn’t do this ministry without you!

     Youth Supper List for September – December 2019

Sept. 8

   No Youth Supper

Sept. 15 (Tacos)

Holly & Paul Horn

Della & Barry Hall

Carol Campbell

Sept. 22 (Pasta)

Brittany Harvey & Russell Morris

Ashley & Brian Raska

Adrienne & Jeremy Vaughn

Sept. 29 (Breakfast)

Jacquie & Bill Nix

Beth & Joe Valasko

Sept. 6 (burgers/hot dogs)

Betsy & Ralph Lewis

Connie Barnes

Carole & Adam Nelen

Oct. 13 (Chili)

Kathryn & Dave Rexrode

Ellen & Mike Fritz

Patricia Langfitt

Oct. 20 (Tacos)

Roxanne & Don Nance

Michele Coffman

Becca & Mike Sidebotham

Nov. 3 (Pasta) 25 people total

(MS only & Adults from Humankind)

Macon & Eric Fino

Laura & Kurt Chewning

Paulla Loder

Nov. 10 (Breakfast)

Piper&  Ed Foresman

Ginger & John Oplinger

Jen Rowe

Nov. 17(burgers/hot dogs)

Julie & Joel Young

Betsy & Joe Mathias

Nov. 24 (Chili)

Tristin & Robert Fidler

Kierstin & Jon Schneider

Lynn Simms

Dec. 1 (Tacos)

Susie & Mike Kuliasha

Trina Parsons

Dec.8 (Pasta)

Tammy & David Hancock

Melissa & Michael Gloyd

Carol & Andre Pineda