Supper List

Youth Supper List for September 13, 2009- January 31, 2010

Please Scroll down to each date and find what was cooked for dinner that night.

September 13, 2009

Senior High- Burgers and Hot Dogs

Debbie and Bill Hamilton

Meg and Dave Bohmke

Chris and Allen Fisher

Middle School- Pizza

Besty and Ralph Lewis

Alicia and Jeff Veil

Denise and Edward Hamlett

September 20-

Marjolijn Bijlefeld and Bob Burke

Jenny and Bill Major

Lisa and Mike Harrison

September 27- Chili

Tricia and Charles McDaniel

Michelle and Mark Coffman

Amy and Trey Talmadge

October 4- Lasagna

Maryann and Bob Piersall

Paula and Lee Steven

Tracey and Stanley Rembisz

October 11

Senior high only

Vicky and Marty Wilder

Kelly and Richard Banez

Kristi and Scott Allison

October 18

Crop Walk No Meeting

October 25

Senior High Only

Tricia and Bill Garner

Suzanne and David Broman

Shaun and Neil Sullivan

November 1

Susan and Bill Harrison

Donna DeSimini

Camille and John McAllister

November 8

Middle School Only

Elizabeth and Jeff Rehm

Michelle and Mike Porter

Sarah and David Wright

November 15

Tammy and David Hancock

Sherri and Greg Cox

Sarah and Guy Gormley

November 22

Stacey and Andrew Horne

Heather and John Carelock

Elaine and Gary Hild

November 29

Beverly and Bruce Leek

Terri and Jeff Kunkler

Cynthia and Tim Hughes

December 6

Advent workshop

No Youth Group

December 13

Becky and Michael Paul

Kitty and Mark Hughes

Laura and Doc Godshall

December 20

Kelly and Dennis Rapkins

Stacey and Gerald Ostlund

Joanne and Tom Fortune

January 10, 2010

Karen and Tim Duffy

Ellen and Mike Fritz

Pam and Cliff Werner

January 17,

Paula and Lee Steven

Jimi and Lee Pugh

Shannon and Elliott Farley

January 24

Kerry Devine

Marnie and Steven Schattgen

Sue and Dennis Keffer

January 31

Meg and Dave Bohmke

Becca and Bern Mahon

Molly and Nathan Cass