Re-Creation Congregational Retreat

The 2018 Congregational Retreat is coming March 10-11 at Camp Hanover.  The theme is Re-creation Retreat.  We will discover the theme with a scavenger hunt using nature and the Bible along with the 7 days of creation; making art pieces out of recyclables; hearing stories and singing around the campfire; and worshiping using the creation story.  This is a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing for singles, couples, and families of all shapes and sizes as we play and worship, enjoying the food, the campfire, and the outdoors.

Check out the registration form in the newsletter, and there will be a sign-up beginning in February.  PARTICIPANTS ARE ASKED TO BRING RECYCLABLES – PLASTIC CONTAINERS, NEWSPAPERS, CANS, CARDBOARD.  Please, no glass.

The planning team members are Grace Fino, Margaret Rowe, Jamie Loder, Brittany Harvey, Connie Barnes, Don Nance, Patty Toler, and Bruce Harvey.