Worship at The Presbyterian Church is a traditional format, focusing on the enactment of the Word through song, liturgy, Scripture reading, and sermon. The sacrament of The Lord’s Supper is celebrated at the change of church seasons and other holy days. Baptisms are part of the service when the need arises for children of members as well as new members who have never been baptized.

Service times

June through Labor Day: 8:30 am and 10am
September – May: 8:30am and 11am

We are always delighted to have visitors worship with us; and invite you to join in worship and for any activities in the life of our congregation. During the Summer months we serve lemonade on the lawn between services, so have a cup and let us get to know you.

Worship Customs

With more than two centuries of history and tradition, there are some customs that have served our church well and continue to do so. Our worship service is traditional and reverent. It’s format hasn’t change much since the church was organized in 1808. Worship services are the most traditional aspect of our church life. Balancing our traditional services are lively and engaging fellowship groups that meet throughout the week for Bible study, discussion and fellowship.

For those new to our services here are a few customs that our congregation has observed for most of its existence:

  • In the Apostles’ creed we include the phrase, “He descended into Hell.”
  • In the Lords Prayer we use, “Forgive us our debts…our debtors.”
  • All are encouraged to stand while singing and as noted in the liturgy.
  • When appropriate to the hymn, the congregation usually sings the “Amen”.
  • Everyone is encouraged to sign the friendship pad found in your pew.
  • While the service is reverent and focused on God, everyone is encouraged to greet friends and welcome each other during the passing of the peace and following worship.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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